Press Work

Up to 8000 agency reports, further emails, fax messages and loads of paper end up in Austria‘s editorial departments each day. Knowing how journalists work and the media functions is a deciding factor of success.

PR Plus Services

  • Consulting and support by creative and experienced PR specialists
  • Developing and realizing a communication concept
  • Availability around-the-clock (24 hours)
  • Usage of modern communication techniques
  • Media cooperations
  • Media observation
  • Detailed balance of transactions
  • Cost transparency due to clear calculation

Online PR and Social Sharing – Content For Search Engines and People

Online-PR or Online-Public-Relations is a form of public relations where communication with different target groups is taking place on the internet. It is part of the communication strategy and supports a positive public image. Online-PR has positive effects on numerous other online-marketing-channels. In press releases which get published on the internet, links to relevant websites can be placed. They can also be posted in social networks from where followers spread them over their own channels. This has positive effects on the search engine performance of the homepage. This means Online-PR can also be part of search engine optimization.

PR Plus Services

  • Press work on online PR-platforms
  • Content-strategy and editorial planning
  • Platform specific social media content
  • News distribution over the social media platforms of PR Plus
  • Multimedia content consulting and creation

Video PR for Social Media, TV and Web TV

The goal of Video PR is to be seen on TV or web TV. With the possibility to present beautiful pictures and interesting offers the field of tourism is perfectly suited for this form of PR.

PR Plus Services

  • Conception of video-PR as part of communication
  • Creation of professional videos in HD quality
  • Target-oriented distribution of the videos on diverse internet platforms
  • Cooperation with TV channels for the broadcasting of the videos
  • Cooperation with TV journalists and media in order to place the messages and offers in relevant channels

Media observation

Radio PR – Audio and Video

The radio is a convenient and informative medium with a high coverage. This is proven by the radio test which gets carried out periodically in Austria.
Radio is mobile. More and more people listen to the radio on the computer or on mobile end-devices like smart phones, tablets etc. The advantage of the radio: No other medium is able to offer infotainment as well as radio does. This is why information about travelling is often spread through the radio. Further, radio stations also have their own websites on which they are able to present their footage visually.

PR Plus Services

Counselling and support

Creation of professionally developed radio reports and videos in HD quality
Target group focused distribution to radio stations in Austria and Germany

Blogger Relations

Travel bloggers form opinions! They are fast and have a great network. They have different points of interests and post their very personal report and pictures from their special point of view – either during the travel (live report) or afterwards. They spread their opinions via diverse internet platforms and via Social Media channels and have “followers“ who follow their recommendations. The articles are saved in the “eternal archive“ of the world wide web and can be found and seen even many years later.

PR Plus Services

  • Consulting and supporting the cooperation with travel bloggers
  • Creating and realizing the perfect communication concept
  • Media observation
  • Crisis PR

A crisis happens suddenly and is an unforeseeable, difficult and frightening situation which marks a decisive turning point, cancels familiar rooms for manoeuvre or restricts in a scaring way. Especially in tourism it takes a lot of fine feeling to deal with a crisis because mostly the security and welfare of the guests are at stake. With well-aimed and long-term measures a crisis can be dealt with successfully.

PR Plus Services

  • Support by experienced Crisis-PR-Manager
  • Risk analyzing the crisis potential of the company
  • Drawing up and maintaining the crisis communication concept
  • Availability 24 hours
  • Usage of most modern communiciation skills
  • PR Plus „Go Team“ on the scene
  • Dark website
  • Media observation


The careful planning of all details and the professional carrying out of an event are the basic requirements for an event to be successful and therefore justifying the expenditure.

PR Plus Services

  • Finding ideas and conception
  • Supporting and realizing
  • Choosing the needed partner
  • Drawing up and controlling the budget
  • Invitation of prominent guests
  • Layout of printed matters
  • Media observation

Networking in Tourism

The PR Plus staff is a tourism-insider and we offer our contacts to our clients.

PR Plus Services

Based on the communication concept we introduce you to the right people and chair this encounter. PR Plus and Charlotte Ludwig are members of the initiative for quality journalism, the Austrian travel association (ÖRV), the Austrian association for tourism (ÖVT), Corps Touristique and other organisations. Charlotte Ludwig is connected to the international business network BNI, she is board member of the Travel Industry Club, the independent platform for tourism in Germany and Austria und she is well connected with relevant companies and institutions.

PR in the Inside

Public Relations in the inside draw the communication between the head of the company and the members of staff.

PR Plus Services

In cooperation with you we will develop the instruments and the guidelines to get the internal communication going and we will take care of keeping it going.


Media training with Charlotte Ludwig and TV journalist Christian Reichhold – dates on request

The right handling of interview situations with media is a decisive factor of success for managers and for whole companies. So-called “soft factors” as charisma, appearance, sympathy, credibility, nervousness and clothing leave their mark on the figure of the manager and the company in the public. Insufficient preparation can endanger a long built image within seconds – as many examples show.

The Day’s Goal

Recognizing chances and traps in conversations with journalists
Learning methods for the optimal preparation for TV interviews as a precondition for secure and competent appearance
Communicating messages in an optimal way in the media
Giving interviews in a sovereign and competent way on radio and TV
Getting acquainted with the rules of the media
Audio training with radio professional Peter Agathakis – dates on request

The radio is an exciting communication medium. It makes it possible to transport information and emotion in a short period of time. Complete our training to learn how to prepare for an interview and which techniques you can use to put your message successfully. Furthermore, you will learn how to make your own audio recordings which you can put on your own channels (telephone waiting loop, social media…) or which you can forward to PR Plus so we will distribute them to radio stations. (see Radio PR).

Social media workshops with communication professional Mag. Günter Exel – dates on request

Get an overview of the chances and perspectives of social media! Our training will give you plenty of ideas for your own Web 2.0 appearance. Günter Exel will introduce you to the chances and perspectives of Web 2.0 for your company and help you develop a fitting strategy for your own Web 2.0 activities.

Blog-Workshop with travel blogger Elena Paschinger –dates on request

Learn from a professional blogger ( what you can achieve with a blog and which chances and risks blogging holds. Learn how to start, maintain and advertise a blog.

Representation of Countries and Destinations

The proximity to guests and partners is a decisive competitive advantage. PR Plus offers quick and competent processing of inquiries, excellent contact to the travel industry as well as to specialized and public media.

PR Plus Services:

  • Support through creative and experienced specialists
  • Availability round-the-clock (24 hours)
  • Usage of modern communication techniques
  • Networking in tourism with best relationships to the travel industry (memberships at ÖRV, ÖVT, TIC, Corps Touristique …)
  • Trustful relationship to specialized and public media, press work (text, press-conferences, press-trips, interviews,…)
  • If required an own telephone number, fax- and email-address for each client
  • Drawing up a marketing plan
  • Advertisements in print media, poster advertising, …
  • Buying means of advertising
  • Organization and support of fairs
  • Drawing up and sending out newsletters
  • Social media: Taking care of your accounts on facebook, twitter, instagram, Google+,…
  • Creation, organization and support of B2B and B2C events
  • Creation, organization and support of workshops of agents, agent tours, networking
  • Creation, organization and support of customer events
  • Taking care of the budget and calculation
  • Representative office in an Art Nouveau house in Vienna